My first Mother’s Day

First of all, I want to start this blog wishing all mommys and mommys to be a Happy Mother’s Day! Moms are superwomen and definitely don’t get enough credit for how amazing they are. Moms really should be treated the way we treat them on Mother’s Day everyday. This year is my first Mother’s Day being a mom. Though last year I was pregnant during Mother’s Day, today is the real deal. Today is emotional for me in many ways. 

Many people don’t know this because it was something I only told my closest friends and family, but 4 years ago I was told I probably couldn’t have babies. Having grown up practically being the mom of my 5 other siblings, and consistently working with kids, this was definitely something hard for me to hear. I love children and had always wanted 2 of my own. Since you can’t control things like that, I just accepted it as my fate and moved on with my life. I told just about anyone I was seeing or with after that, that I probably couldn’t have babies as well. I believe you all can imagine the complete shock I was in when I took a test stating I was pregnant. I probably took 4 test in total just to completely make sure. 

Having Aria was by far the best decision I’ve ever made. I’ll never forget the first time I heard her heartbeat and just completely melted. This decision along with moving to California definitely has been the best thing I’ve ever done. The fact that I’m celebrating my first Mother’s Day with my miracle angel baby in the place I’ve dreamed of living my whole life just brings me to tears. Tears of joy of course. It’s an amazing feeling to be doing what I love, with someone I love, in the place I love. 

For Mother’s Day, Aria and I went to a place on the Malibu Pier called Malibu Farms. It has all fresh, organic, and locally grown food. I had coconut French toast bread pudding with a watermelon mimosa. Aria had some fresh avocado. With such a small party, we were able to skip ahead of the line and scored a table right on the pier with of course, a beautiful view of the ocean and Malibu beach. Currently, Aria is taking a nap in her stroller while I lay in the sand on the beach. Life is definitely hard in California 😉 I hope everyone has an amazing Mother’s Day! 

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