We should all be more like babies

Ever since having my daughter Aria, consistently throughout each day, I think to myself, we should all be more like babies. Now, I don’t mean for the obvious reasons we know we shouldn’t, but think a little deeper.

No matter what, babies never give up. In fact, they keep trying over and over until they get it. Whether it’s sitting, crawling, standing, or walking, they just keep going. Not only do they keep going, but they continue to try over and over until they get it. Recently, Aria, who is 7 months old, just started pulling herself up to stand. I watch her fall over all day long and get right back up and try again. Too often than not, we tend to give up quite easily on trying new things as we get older. Practice makes perfect right?

A tv remote, a light breeze on their face, a funny noise, a few little things babies find joy in. The most simple things can make a baby smile, while we as adults start to focus a lot more on the negatives. There’s a lot of beauty and happiness in life and if you can learn to see it in all situations, your life overall, will be a lot better. 

Babies never stop being curious and exploring. They don’t sit on the ground in the same spot playing with the same toy their whole life. Babies are constantly venturing off to new places, trying new things..etc. Why should we stay still and stop doing the same when we become adults? There’s so much world to see, things to do/learn, and people to meet. Some people just stay in the same place doing the same things their whole life. I personally believe you grow the most and learn the most staying curious and exploring.

No matter how hard things may get, don’t give up, find the happiness in the littlest of things, and stay curious. Life is too short to do anything other. There’s a kid in all of us. Let the best things that make children so great stick with you through life. 

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