Starboy Legend of the Fall Tour

Anyone who really knows me, knows I absolutely love The Weeknd. I mean, I didn’t get “XO” tattooed on me for no reason. Back in October, only a month after having my daughter I got an email from ticketmaster since I have an account with them stating I could get a presale code for The Weeknds Legend of the Fall tour in LA at The Forum. I don’t think I’ve ever purchased something so fast in my life. I saw The Weeknd for the first time at Hard Summer Music Festival on my 21st birthday 2 years ago. At that time period, he wasn’t as popular as he is now (day one fan). He’s always been a very good singer live, but this year he put on much more of a performance. The crowd was definitely more hyped than at the music festival. I was a little upset he didn’t play more of his older songs and mainly focused on his new album that came out not too long ago. But the “fans” want what the “fans” want.

The Weeknd opened up his LA show with artist 6lack. His music is similar to that of The Weeknds. I really like his music but unfortunately didn’t make it on time to see him. The next performer was Belly, who you might know from the song “Might Not” with The Weeknd. I didn’t know too many of his songs prior to his performance but his music sounded good enough to give a listen. Of course they saved the best group for last before The Weeknd came on, Rae Sremmurd. I love them as well. They always know how to get the party started. Though Rae Sremmurd was the last performance prior to The Weeknd coming out, the performers didn’t stop there. During his performance of the song “Sidewalks” The Weeknd brought out his featured artist, Kendrick Lamar. It was such an experience to share everyones pure shock and excitement. Who doesn’t love Kendrick Lamar? The crowd literally went crazy. As if just him showing up for that song wasn’t enough, he then performs his latest single from his new album called “Humble.”

Overall the concert was amazing. It was my first real night out since having my daughter. What better way to spend my first baby free night out than seeing my favorite artist? I haven’t been to a concert in so long. It really reminded me how fun they are. I love music so much and the vibe is always great. I’m definitely going to try to start going to more again, even more so still being kind of new to LA. There’s so many concerts all the time to experience!



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