Stop comparing yourself to social media girls

It has recently come to my attention that most of these girls that we all look up to and compare ourselves to aren’t real. Shocker right? YES, shocker! I know I’m not the only one who has been fooled by the image these girls perceive, selling their workout programs, and protein products. I mean, of course some of them are obvious, but theres definitely a few who’s work is so well done, or photoshop skills are just too good, you can’t tell at all.

I’m pretty confident in myself and have no big issues with my body but after having a baby I obsessed about getting my old body back and better than ever. Following some of these other moms on Instagram who have just unreal bodies but swear it’s because of working out hard, this protein product, and eating right, I’ve been striving to attain the same body. I found myself even wondering having not been using these products, if that was the key to it since all my hard work didn’t seem to be paying off to the extent I wanted it to. Thats the trick! They want you to think that all of this stuff works because they’re selling it to you. Now, Im not taking credit away from these people because I know some do still work hard for their body and take care of themselves, but it was a little more than just working out with protein shakes and eating right. There is also some pretty amazing photo editing apps where you can change the whole shape of your body, face, and remove any flaws. Two I know of are Airbrush and Facetune. What you don’t see on social media is the stretch marks and cellulite people smooth out, the blemishes they remove, the teeth they whiten, and all the other flaws they fix. I’m not innocent, I use these apps too, but I use them knowing the reality behind everyone else using them as well. I don’t go to the extremes of changing my whole body shape though.

It’s sad because I know little girls, friends, and myself at times compare ourselves to these people and strive for the way they look, but it’s fake. I have no issues with getting work done, but it’d be nice if people were just real about it. Why put this false sense of hope into peoples minds? Why not let these little girls growing up hating themselves because they don’t look a certain way know that it’s not really attainable naturally.

All I can hope for my daughter is that I’m able to teach her to love herself for the way she is. Confidence is its own kind of glow and if you’re confident in you, it will show and attract the same sort of energy. I know it’s easier said than done but everybody is different and everyones body is different. Be the best you for you and no one else!

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