My go to hair products right now

This article is definitely not an add, so you know it’s based on my honest opinion. For those of you who follow me on Instagram (link below) or Snapchat, you know I’ve been raving about Oui hair products.

At 15 years old I decided to be a hair colorist…and by that I mean I ran to the store to get that horrid boxed hair dye and “professionally” dye it myself. I went blonde to black, black to blonde every season. In between those processes, sometimes I’d have olive green hair and sometimes I’d have orange hair. With going to such opposite extremes in the color spectrum came a lot of damage. I have fine hair as it is but after all my professional hair dying, it had thinned so much. Being a little older, I now know that it takes way more than just a trip to the store, 8-15$, and a simple one step color all over process to get not only the right color but to do it safely.

I’ve tried an endless list of different hair masks, rebuilding shampoos, and conditioners to repair my damaged hair but nothing has worked like Oui hair products. I first heard about Oui products at my hair salon. The first product I used in the process to restoring my hair was the oui repair kit. The repair kit comes with a 1.7oz shampoo and conditioner, a hair mask, and 6 elastic hair ties. The shampoo and conditioner smell so good, I honestly wish I could find a perfume of the same scent. I could instantly feel how silky smooth my hair was just after using the shampoo and conditioner much less after the hair mask. After witnessing such amazing results with this mini hair repair kit I decided to get the full size shampoo and conditioner that is doing my hair wonders!

Whats great about Oui hair products is that there is no animal testing involved in the making of the products. After learning this, some of their other products quickly became my go to. For my moms out there with no time or just anyone who doesn’t like washing their hair Oui dry shampoo will be your life saver! Not only does it leave no residue like a lot of other dry shampoos but it makes your hair extremely voluminous. My hair looks like it came out of the salon for days. Another favorite product of mine that I use for my beachy hair look is the Oui wave spray. The spray alone brings out natural waves but add a wand in there with hair wrapped loosely around and you have the perfect beach waves. Oui just recently launched their hair supplements as well that I have not bought yet but plan to! They have some for all different hair types as well. Once I try the hair supplements I’ll let you know the results. Subscribe below to get notified when I post!

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