Arias outfit of the day

Aria is a stylish little girl and I’m always being asked where I get her clothes at. I have decided to start posting where I get all her cutest outfits. Not to mention, since she grows out of them so fast, it’s a nice reminder of all the cute outfits she’s worn. I will always include a link of where you can find the outfits if they are available online.

Today Aria is wearing a onesie from H&M kids. I just recently discovered the H&M kids section and absolutely love it. A lot of their clothes are made with organic cotton which makes it even better. I get a lot of her basic onesies from here.

Aria is also wearing shorts from Cotton on kids, another favorite of mine. I get a lot of her shorts from here.

Last but not least, her bow is from target. I couldn’t find the exact one she’s wearing online but they have lots of other bow options.

I hope these outfit of the day posts will be beneficial to some people and you all enjoy the pictures. Don’t forget to subscribe to get updates emailed when we post something new. Also, feel free to leave a comment or feedback below!

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