You know what works best for you and your own kid.

Since the lovely day Aria was born she has slept right beside me in my bed. I’ve never even really tried to put her in her own crib in her room. Between Arias pediatrician to any random person, I’ve been told several times I was setting myself up for failure not teaching her to sleep alone in her crib.

I personally can’t handle letting her cry for longer than ten minutes so the thought of forcing her in her crib and letting her cry it out just didn’t seem like an option for me. Being a mom you have to make some sacrifices and if it meant taking naps with her (since I am able to) and thats what makes her happy, why not? I believed she would learn to sleep on her own when she was ready. I decided to look it up and see what some of the arguments were anyways. With that said, I’ve quickly learned that the imaginary rule book for being a mom we believe exists, really doesn’t. Some things that work for some mothers and babies just simply won’t work for others. So for just about any question you have about what you should or shouldn’t do, theres just about every kind of argument about every single option.

Typically, I try to stay busy during the day and Aria just takes her naps while on the go. If  we are at home then she really likes either sleeping with me or in her 4moms mamaroo swing. Sometimes if I need to get something done around the house or a quick work out in I put Aria in her crib with some toys to play. Today, for the first time ever, Aria fell asleep alone in her crib! After hearing silence for a bit while working out I went to go check on her and found her fast asleep as you see in the picture above. She didn’t cry or fuss one bit. She didn’t even have a bottle like she usually does before she sleeps.

All in all, you know what works best for you and your own kid. At first I would let what people say about it bother me and almost felt pressured to teach her to go in her crib sooner but I’m glad I did it the way I thought would work best instead.

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