Northern California

On April 4, 2017, at around 10pm I got this sudden urge to want to go on an adventure. The second that thought crossed my mind I knew there was no turning back. I texted my friend Heldana to invite her along and sure enough she was all in. I had just put Aria down to sleep so I started packing everything that we would need for the road trip. Packing for anything, let alone a road trip with a baby, you truly feel like you’re preparing for the apocalypse. Not knowing what could go wrong or how much of everything you really need, you end up just packing your whole house it seems.

I have been to Northern California a couple times but never got to truly experience some of the beautiful destinations along the coast. I’m a sucker for a great view and beautiful scenery. Though Southern California is beautiful, the scenery just isn’t quite comparable to that of what is up north. I started googling all the top destinations to create some sort of last minute plan. The Lone Cypress, Bixby Creek Bridge, Big Sur, and Mcway Falls at Julia Pfeiffer Beach were the sites I chose to stop to see. Mcway Falls was originally my reason for going but unfortunately we found out there was a big landslide causing it to be closed down until next fall.

Aria, Heldana, and I all headed up north at around 11:30pm. I drove all night so the trip there wasn’t very visual but boy was it worth it to be surprised with the views once we got there in the morning. We arrived just before sunrise. I was the only one awake at this time so I stopped to watch the sunrise at the Monterey Fishermans Wharf. The first stop after this was The Lone Cypress. The drive there reminded me of something out of twilight. The trees, nature surrounding, and the views were just so unbelievably beautiful. I almost felt like I was in a different country. The Lone Cypress is one of the most photographed trees in North America and I’m sure you can see why in the photo of it below. We stopped many times before each destination but the next point of interest was the Bixby Creek Bridge. Though I haven’t seen the show yet, I’ve heard it is the same bridge featured in Big Little Lies. The grass along the mountains was so green and pretty. I’ve never seen such greenery in California..(thank you rain). The architecture of the bridge is really beautiful as well. Last but not least was our stop in Big Sur. Big Sur is described as “the greatest meeting of land and water in the world.” It’s also known as ‘the longest and most scenic stretch of undeveloped coastline in the US.’ Big Sur was definitely one of the prettiest views I’ve ever experienced. Included in Big Sur was our main destination, Mcway Falls in Pfeiffer Beach. Though we knew there had been a landslide, we saw some posts on Instagram of visitors still being able to make it through to see the falls somehow. We decided to take the risk and find out for ourselves. Unfortunately, we ended up being greeted by a lot of signs saying the road was closed ahead along with warnings about fines for crossing.

Overall the trip was great! It was my first little mini adventure since having Aria who also absolutely loved it. I would recommend Northern California to be added to everyones bucket list if it isn’t already on there. Since the trip was so beautiful, and not too far of a drive I for sure plan on going again especially to see the falls. Hopefully I can find out the secret way to get there before the reopening next fall but until then I hope you enjoyed this blog. Please leave a comment below if you know how to make it to the falls without going over the broken bridge, have any thoughts or feedback on my blog, or if you know any other great stops for the next trip up there.  Lastly, make sure to hit the follow button on the bottom right corner of the homepage to make sure to get notifications when a new blog is posted!


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